4181. polymerōs
Lexical Summary
polymerōs: in many parts
Original Word: πολυμερῶς
Transliteration: polymerōs
Phonetic Spelling: (pol-oo-mer'-oce)
Part of Speech: Adverb
Short Definition: in many parts
Meaning: in many parts
Strong's Concordance
variously, at sundry times.

Adverb from a compound of polus and meros; in many portions, i.e. Variously as to time and agency (piecemeal) -- at sundry times.

see GREEK polus

see GREEK meros

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4181: πολυμερῶς

πολυμερῶς (πολυμερής), by many portions: joined with πολυτρόπως, at many times (Vulg.multifariam (or-rie)), and in many ways, Hebrews 1:1. (Josephus, Antiquities 8, 3, 9 (variant; Plutarch, mor., p. 537 d., i. e. de invid. et od. 5); οὐδέν δεῖ τῆς πολυμερους ταύτης καί πολυτροπου μουσης τέ καί ἁρμονίας, Max. Tyr. diss. 37, p. 363; (cf. Winer's Grammar, 463 (431)).)


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